Why in the World Does the Town Need a New Hall?

The Town of Stockholm has had its office and court in the old Quonset building in Winthrop since the late 1960’s. The building was originally erected as a temporary school after a fire in 1948 and served the Town inexpensively for about 50 years, but it’s in need of significant repairs. In addition, it has been allowed to remain out of compliance with a number of standards. Repairing the roof and bringing the building up to standards was estimated to cost $525,000.

The Town Board looked at several buildings that might have served the purpose–The Key Bank building, the house next door to the current offices, and a garage–but the cost of renovating them to code was going to be very high. Another consideration is that the Town is limited in the time it can take to pay off the money that it borrows for the project. For example, borrowing $425,000 to fix up the current Town Hall would have to be paid back over 10 years and at a rate of 3.25% that would be an annual payment of $50,460.71. Borrowing $750,000 to build a new Town Hall could be paid back over a period of 25 years and at the same rate of 3.25%, the annual payment would be $44,279.49. With this in mind, the Board  decided that building a new Town Hall would be the most prudent course and a committee was formed to look at potential sites around the Town for the new building.

The Town has set up this website so that residents will be able to see what we are doing. You are welcome to leave comments about the project but we do ask that you do so respectfully. We welcome hard questions but we will not post rude ones!

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